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Funeral services

Losing a loved one is quite sad. You have shared memories with them and hence their depart will hurt you quite a lot. This is why you should give them a good send. The way to it is to choose a proper funeral service. This entails choosing a funeral service company as well as a proper send of to them just as they wished it to be as they lived. There are a couple of funeral service companies that have opened up in recent years and assure you that your loved one will be well taken care of. They offer rates and services that are quite customer-friendly so that as you lay your loved one to rest you have every reason to celebrate their life on the burial day. Even though its a business for them, they always ensure that they value life once well lived and hence will always be accommodated in any way possible.

What are some of the funeral services offered?

1. Repatriation

This entails the actual movement of the departed person from a foreign country once lived or had gone to visit. You can engage a funeral service company for this as they are well connected and hence will get the job easily instead of having to travel as you grieve. Most of the companies work with agents or even connects in hospitals and will assure you that the body gets to your country as soon as possible so that you can bury your loved one. They will always first have to confirm if there are any pending bills like hospital charges, investigation fees or even other legal fees attached at death so that the departed will be released on time. If cleared, there will be no issue as all that is now needed is to move your departed party to their home country. First, the body will have to be prepared to be transported by embalming and the use of a zinc-lined coffin. This will ensure the body remains fresh as possible. If you have funeral insurance the better for you as it will cater to costs attached.


2. Morgue

Once one dies, they need to be well preserved and this takes place in a morgue. Here, they will put into freezing temperatures. This is in a refrigerator specially designed for this and its usually in a cold room. There are morgue attendants who will clean the body and embalm it so that it stays fresh till the day of burial. In the morgue, you are allowed to come to inspect the body and also do an autopsy for the reason of death under the supervision of one of you. This enables families to at least have an idea of what lead to their loved one departing.


3. Transport

The funeral service should entail movement of the body from the morgue to the burial site. The company you choose to offer you the service should have modes of transport for you. They may attach it to the morgue fee or charge an extra fee but should be lenient on the cost. Apart from the hearse they should have extra cars to move people and should always be readily available for hire. They should fit the numbers and should be well decorated for the burial.


4. Auxiliaries

There are other funeral services that you may also require apart from the major ones. They may include entertainment on the day of burial by having a good sound system so that as speeches and eulogies are being read out the speaker is audible. This will have to be at the place of burial and well set up. Tents also can be offered by them at a hire so that people can sit down and celebrate life once well lived. This makes it also easy for the day as the body can be put under one small tent as the crowd sits under a bigger one. A funeral director may also be needed for coordination of the day’s events. He will be the person who will foresee all goes well including the digging of the grave as well as how people will sit in the tents. He is separate from the MC as well as the religious leader in charge. Lastly are the roses to bid goodbye. The funeral service company can have an option where you can buy flowers or even for and make the day memorable for you. Such kind of kindness is what a good funeral home should do so that you feel appreciated as you lay your loved one.

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