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REDA EL-AREEF is a full-service funeral provider that offers cremation services in Egypt. Our simple and affordable funeral alternative offers flexibility, peace of mind, and value to families.

As the best funeral and repatriation company, we provide a caring and modern approach to cremation services. When you choose REDA EL-AREEF funeral services, we promise to ease the stress and responsibility placed on your family. All you need to do is provide details about your loved one, sign the paperwork, and our experienced team will manage the rest.

During the whole process, our team will keep you in the know, and once the cremation is complete, you’ll receive the necessary paperwork. Our priority is your peace of mind.



At REDA EL-AREEF , we offer cremation services, a sustainable alternative, so that you can focus your time on mourning your loss.


Simple cremation is an economical service that provides mourning families with basic cremation. There are no additional funeral services, such as visitation or viewing. Under the simple cremation package, your loved one is usually cremated with minimal services offered by our funeral home. As the “no fuss” cremation package, the deceased remains are usually cremated and returned directly to the mourning family. This is the least expensive cremation option as the service is usually handled inexpensively and speedily. Many people go for this option because it’s simple, low-cost, and allows families to deal with bereavement.


Many of our memorial services are usually held at a place of worship, public space, or community center. Families can also choose to hold the memorial service at a private residence or a place that holds a special meaning to the deceased or the family.

The arrangement process can begin over the phone, completely online, or in-person. All you need to do is provide the deceased details, and our funeral experts will handle the rest. When you choose REDA EL-AREEF funeral services, we will bring your loved one into our care where our specialists will keep the deceased safe. Our funeral director will complete the required documentation before proceeding with cremation. Once the cremation is complete, we will return the remains of your loved one to you. This cremation package frees families to stage a memorial service at a location of their choosing.




At REDA EL-AREEF funeral services, we have simplified the arrangements. Families have the option of making arrangements via phone, online or in-person. This helps to reduce pressured decisions, prevent family disagreements and reduce stress. No matter the type of arrangement you desire for your loved one, our team will work with you to create the service your loved one deserves.



Saying goodbye to your loved one should not be a heavy financial burden to you and your family. At REDA EL-AREEF funeral services, we believe that the deceased deserve a dignified funeral arrangement. Not only should the funeral option fulfill the deceased wishes. But it should not burden the family. That is why we offer a variety of cremation services in Egypt at affordable pricing. But without sacrificing quality, care and professionalism.



Our team of professionals has decades of combined experience providing industry-leading funeral services. We hold cremations and memorials at hundreds of locations across the country. We care deeply about the work we do and when you choose REDA EL-AREEF cremation services, we will take care of everything and guide you during this difficult time.

Whatever form of cremation service you choose for your loved one, we are here to help. Our team of professionals is available to answer any questions you may have about cremation services in Egypt. If you are unsure which cremation option is best to honor your loved one, we can help you make the best choice.


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