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Suppose it so happens someone you know suffers an emergency occurrence of an illness, accident, or any other occurrence that leads to death in Egypt. In that case, we are here to relive you off all the pressure that comes with arranging a decent send-off ceremony through some of the best funeral assistance in Egypt. Death calls for an emergency, and might occur unexpectedly, which means anywhere, or anytime. If your close relative or someone close dies in Egypt, you should or recommend the necessary party to reach out to Reda El- Areef Funeral Services.


Our Morticians, Funeral directors, and Medical care professionals are licensed by the General Department of Properties, Funeral, and Mortician’s Director’s Council to practice at every governorate across Egypt. The authorization to access Reda El- Areef Funeral Services as the Funeral Director ought to be given by the relative or someone present at the death. This authorization can also be done by a family lawyer, someone in charge of funeral arrangements, a house occupant, or a hospital official from which the beloved passed on.

Reda El- Areef Funeral Services takes pride in offering funeral REPATRIATION to overseas countries, regardless of the destination. Our servicemen and women will immediately do the necessary to ensure you have a smooth burial. Some of the immediate funeral services we offer include:

  • Filling and submitting all embassy documents and papers.
  • Finalizing on all procedures required by the ministry of health.
  • We register for a death certificate.
  • Offer to finalize all hospital and morgue procedures.
  • Securing a flight and following up until the body reaches its final resting place.

Reda El- Areef Funeral Services offer the best care for your beloved. You can trust us with the following:

  • Managing the funeral case and finalizing all related documents.
  • We offer documenting and interpretation of the death documents, among other files.
  • We preserve the deceased body by expert scientists and prepare it for shipment to the country’s destination.
  • We perform all necessary arrangements that are in line with the deceased’s religious denomination.
  • Provide consultation with the confederate for all required documents, plan of action, and timing of the flights.
  • We relieve the deceased’s close friends or relatives of the struggle of trying to book flights. Reda El- Areef Funeral Services performs flight reservations and arranges necessary transport to and from the airports.
  • We dig deep into the deceased’s will and religious beliefs to choose the right casket and coffin for them.
  • We use our website to follow up on the deceased’s movements through a unique code to ensure everything flows nicely.
  • Provide charging for any necessary deceased’s gadgets.
  • Deportation of any mortal remains.


After doing everything necessary to ensure that the body arrives in the country where it would be laid, it all comes down to the funeral day. Our staff at Reda El- Areef Funeral Services provides Funeral Assistance In Egypt and understand how hard this day is. That’s why we are here to make sure we offer all the necessary support you need, which incorporates either cremation or burial. We also give you a hand in organizing the burial ceremony- the resting place, where you’ll pay your last respects to the deceased, and reception arrangements (if any). You can also count on us for the following:

  • The deceased’s dressing.
  • What music will be played during that ceremony.
  • Present the funeral speech.
  • Flowers for the funeral.
  • We plan for the mode of transport from the funeral home to the burial place.
  • Live recording of the funeral ceremony.

Typically, the deceased body’s shipment to the country destination for burial takes about 5-10 business days, from when the local authorities release the body with an authorization letter. Once released, we immediately set out the file and submit necessary documents, after which we make the flight arrangements before sending these details to the relatives of the deceased.


As a company, we understand all the necessary procedures to help ship the deceased body from Egypt back to their families at overseas destinations worldwide. Moreover, you can rely on us for all the necessary funeral services.


We provide comprehensive medical care to and from any country across the world through our global partnership and network with experienced medical facilities in Egypt and abroad. At Reda El- Areef Funeral Services, expect to meet a team of compassionate and experienced nurses, doctors, ambulances, quality hospitals, medications, and other medical services.

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