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It’s a potential thorny subject in a case where you need to document for the deceased in foreign land especially in Egypt. Our ample and efficient systems powered by legal experts provide all documentation services on the behalf of the late.

Before you realize Reda El-Areef funeral services will have saved you from the cumbersome process and your loved will be on transit back home. This is an important step that initiates healing process of the grieving family.


As soon as we are informed of the death case, one of our representatives will go immediately to the hospital to complete the necessary procedures and issue a medical report explaining the cause of death , and end the procedures for the body to exit the mortuary

All this is done with sufficient speed and professionalism because we know the sensitivity of the situation to the family


As well as our compassionate and comprehensive guidance, you can rely on us to handle the necessary paperwork for issuing death certificate , after completing the hospital procedures, we go directly to the health office of the region in which the death occurred, where we finish all the procedures and permits necessary to obtain the death certificate, and we make a certified translation copy of it into the language of the country of the deceased .



Then comes the stage of ending the police procedures, where we go to the police station to finish any procedures related to the death case in terms of any criminal or other suspicions, and then we can obtain the necessary permits for the body to exit the mortuary and issuing funeral or repatriation permits .


the obtaining of permits, any transport arrangements and the fulfilling of any regulatory requirements should the funeral or the repatriation service be taking place on foreign soil. This is all done for you so that you can take the time needed to grieve for your recent loss.



Because we are accredited by most embassies and consulates inside Egypt, we can finish the embassy procedures for the deceased with the utmost professionalism and speed necessary


After completing all procedures, and in the end we book the appropriate flight to any international airport to transport the body to the home country, taking into account the shipment of all personal belongings of the deceased and the possibility of booking a flight for the companions of the deceased as well.

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